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Fantastique! for Schools is a new music education project which uses the works of Hector Berlioz as a basis for engaging children aged 8 to 13 with classical music through enjoyable, informative, hands-on activities and experiences.

We have created a package of free and easy to use online resources for classroom use, including lesson plans, factsheets, audio and video clips, activity guides, worksheets and teacher packs. These resources can either be downloaded or used online and include everything needed for delivering the lessons successfully.

Berlioz 150 is the charity behind Fantastique! for Schools, seeking to build on the 150th anniversary in 2019 of Hector Berlioz’s death to inspire young people with a lifelong love of music and singing. Fantastique! for Schools has been developed in partnership with Bristol Plays Music, the highly regarded music education hub for the Bristol area, with lesson plans created by Bristol-area teachers.

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